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Part V of the “Islamic Influence in Sicily” photo series:  A comparable look from the inner courtyard of the Chiesa di San Giovanni degli Eremiti in Palermo and the Monreale Cathedral in Monreale.  Enjoy. 

July 25th, 2011:  During a recent two week trip to Italy, I made a 4 day getaway to Palermo, Sicily. While in Palermo, I made it a point to deprive myself from 3 things:  A cell phone, the internet and public transportation. That is to say, I cut myself off from the rest of the world in a country where I did not speak the language, walked everywhere I went from sunrise to sunset and immersed myself in the Sicilian culture.

I have always been intruiged by the subtle influence Islam has had in Sicily. Photographically, I chose to display the beauty and grace of this misunderstood, misrepresented religion through the lingering architectural structures that I was able to visit. 

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